We believe that all successful placements start with a clear understanding of the needs of both clients and candidates, and our responsibility is to provide timely and prefect matching between 2Cs – our clients and candidates.

It is our business to constantly expand our portfolio of qualified candidates in the industry and maintain their most up-to-date profiles to ensure that our clients have access to the best-qualified professionals, and our candidates are able to find their own dream job.

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, with our candidates and provide the most efficient recruitment services possible for the both parties.


我們不斷地擴大客户群和求職者之間的網絡,不斷更新客户的職場消息和不斷更新求職者們的履歷。 我們可以令客户們找到高質素的員工,和令求職者們找到他們心目中的理想工作。


Our team is composed of IT professionals as well as Recruitment specialists. We understand IT industry; we understand the trend in IT recruitment.

We are Efficient – Swing treats each client and candidate as a unique entity and we are flexible enough to accommodate the different requirements of individual clients as well as candidates.

We are Professional – Our staff has a wealth of experience in recruitment, human resources management as well as technical knowledge in the IT industry.

We are Reliable - Swing understands both the needs and requirements of our clients and candidate, Swing is keenly aware of the prevailing market conditions.

時域顧問有限公司的團隊是由一班資訊科技專才和資深的人事顧問組成。 我們清楚了解資訊科技行業,我們更清楚資訊科技的職場資訊。

我們有效率──時域對每一位客戶和求職者的要求都是獨立處理。 貼心的服務 及應對所有要求,務求做到有出色的效率。



  1. We specialize in what we do best.
  2. Our staffs are veteran HR and IT professionals with years of recruiting experience in the IT industry.
  3. We have an extensive network of clients and potential candidates.
  4. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients and candidates.
  5. Match methodology;
    • A thorough understanding of the needs of our clients and the requirements of the positions needed to be filled.
    • Use all available avenues to find the best-qualified candidates, including but not limited to database searches, placing ads in the appropriate media, direct head hunting, and referrals etc.
    • We screen all potential candidates by interviewing them before referring to our clients along with their detail profiles.

  1. 我們的專注,令我們做到最好;
  2. 我們的團隊是擁有豐富經驗的人事顧問及資訊科技的老手;
  3. 我們擁有龐大的客戶和求職者網絡;
  4. 我們努力發展客戶與求職者之間的長遠關係;
  5. 配對方法
    • 首先仔細理解我們的客戶和空缺的要求;
    • 用最可行的方法例如:搜查我們自家的資料庫、從廣告、獵頭和人事網 絡的介紹,尋找最合適的人才;
    • 我們會和所有合適的求職者會面,了解他們的要求和專長,然後才推介 給我們的客戶。


Corporate Environmental Policy Statement


Swing Consulting Limited (Our company) is committed to the long-term sustainable growth of our company and to supporting the sustainable development of Hong Kong. In this regard, our company works to minimize the environmental footprint associated with the development and operation of our company by:


  1. Ensuring compliance with all applicable local and international environmental and related legislation;
  2. Optimizing energy and natural resource use efficiencies;
  3. Preventing and minimizing both waste and pollution of the land, atmosphere and surrounding;
  4. Conserve natural resources through reusing and recycling materials, purchasing recycled materials and using recyclable packing and other materials.
  5. Implementing an environment management system (EMS) that enables company to manage its risks around regulatory compliance, operational resilience, and corporate reputation, and to create a framework for continual improvement by:
    • Identifying and prioritizing key environmental aspects that must include carbon reduction, waste management, air quality and water usage etc.;
    • Setting, monitoring and reporting against clearly defined targets; and
    • Assigning appropriate management responsibility for oversight, review and revision of the EMS
  6. Providing training to staff and collaborating with business partners to instill a culture of sustainability and extend the community; and
  7. Communicating and consulting with staff and relevant stakeholders to ensure a high level of transparency and that relevant social and economic considerations are taken.


The company is committed to achieving high standards of environmental performance. It will provide the necessary senior management support and resources to meet these policy objectives.






  1. 確保遵守所有適用的本地及國際環境法例及相關法律;
  2. 提高能源及天然資源的使用效益;
  3. 預防及盡量減少製造廢物,以及對土地、空氣及周邊造成的污染;
  4. 通過重用和回收材料節約自然資源、採購再生材料、並使用可回收的包裝和其他材料。
  5. 實行環境管理系統,以助本公司管理有關遵守法規、營運應變及企業聲譽的風險,共透過下列措施制定框架以不斷提升水平:
    • 確定及優先處理重要環境事宜,當中必須包括減碳、廢物管理、空氣質素及用水等範疇;
    • 訂立清晰的目標,共進行監察及匯報;及
    • 指派適當的管理人員負責監察、檢討及修訂環境管理系統;
  6. 為員工提供培訓及與業務夥伴合作,以培養可持續發展文化,並將本公司推行的最有效措施推廣至社區;及
  7. 與員工及業務夥伴、相關的持份者溝通及進行諮詢,確保運作具高透明度。